Oh Spooky day

Love it or lump it, it is October 31st: Halloween.  Halloween allows one to experience a plethora of revelry. Spooky moments can occur, like when you come home Halloween eve to your darkened apartment, reach for the light switch and feel something furry and chunky. The lights reveal that your roommate has completely decked out the place (gone NUTS) with copious amounts of cobwebs, big black spiders dangling around and skeletons.


Halloween is a time to eat ugly delicious foods. The creativity and variety of goodies is brain boggling.  Quite a special experience to anticipate the bite of a witch finger and then be surprised by the comforting cookie flavor and proceed to demolish all ten fingers.


Other treats…






Dressing up and heading to a Halloween Party isn’t for everyone. It is a also a perfectly good plan to sit at home and read something like Goosebumps.  This year a puff of nostalgia arose for the great Goosebumps books when I came across an article about R.L. Stine’s Halloween tweetathon. The story “What’s In My Sandwich” consisted of 15 tweets, you can delve into it here with your glass of drink tonight.



The Allman Brothers Band, fin



A bunch of legends, The Allman Brothers Band had their last show ever at Beacon Theatre this month.

Listen to the beautiful music from their final show on Sirius XM until November 2!

Oh Hai, Welcome Back.


I must state the obvious, our blog has been long dormant now aside from the occasional PR post courtesy of the wonderful Rachele. After a long run of neo ‘man on the street’ reportage and unsolicited artist features, things got in the way (i.e. we got busy!) and the rush of content dwindled to a drip. Okay that’s my penance for letting it slide. That said, we’re gonna start posting things again! It will still be pretty eclectic but you know, put us back in your RSS feed or bookmark it or add it to Feedly or do whatever it is that you do so that you can remember the blogs that you want to check (related question: what do people do for that now? RIP Google Reader). We’ve got some good things in the works and hopefully this space can once again be a repository for all of the things drifting in our cultural orbit.

Blacklist Director Tendril and Ammirati NYC splash into summer with Seagram’s

Blacklist Director Tendril geared up for girl’s night with this colorful campaign for Seagram’s Escapes, highlighting the myriad flavors of one of this summer’s hottest beverages. The films are a bold and poppy mix of CG and live action elements.


“We loved the brief for this campaign,” commented Tendril. “Creatively developing the different ways to transition between ‘parties’ and introduce dynamic elements into each scene was our favorite task.”

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