Last night at the Webby Awards, a definitive decree.

Blacklist Party and Art Show!


We had a really fabulous soiree on Thursday night complete with artwork, portraits, and copious amounts of beer and wine (not to mention a secret stash of whiskey and tequila). Our good friend Colin Lane set up a makeshift studio in Adina’s office and vast amounts of love were made to the camera. Some of the better shots are included below but you can check them all out HERE and some more HERE. Thanks to all that came out, we love you!

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Random Access Memory


We’re kinda psyched about the new Daft Punk album that is coming out, Random Access Memory. There is a much touted list of collaborators already making the rounds, Giorgio Moroder, Panda Bear, and Pharrell Williams to name a few. The Creator’s Project is updating a nice series of collaborator interviews about working with ‘the robots’. The interviews are low key and insightful, highlighting the mega accomplishments of the collaborators themselves, in addition to those of Daft Punk. These serve as a super informative notch in the belt of Daft Punk’s mythology…it’s like the more well known they become, the more they recede into themselves. Can’t wait for this one!


Blacklist director and resident renaissance man Måns Swanberg (aka Pistachios) has just launched his newest creation, HeyHeyButton! HeyHeyButton is a website that allows you to create shareable sound effect buttons that can be embedded onto blog sites like Tumblr, Blogger, or WordPress and linked on Facebook and Twitter. Not only that, users can also create a link that embeds their chosen button over the top of other websites to create a humorous, generative juxtaposition. Speaking about the project, Måns said, “I wanted to send my girlfriend a sound clip one day – you know, pick a sound, pick a button, send it over…Turns out, no one had created such a thing!” Indeed, HeyHeyButton is forging a bit of new territory in the internet sharing economy with the introduction of a sound based platform. Not to mention, the readily available sound board presents an easy arsenal for real life interactions (full disclosure: I’ve used it to rudely wake up my significant other). We’re truly excited to see the project develop and learn the unexpected ways that HeyHeyButton will invade the web! Check out a few of our favorites below…


Check out the ‘trailer’ for this year’s Ideas City 2013 Festival (featuring some work by Luca Vitale and Junko Shimizu…both of whom contributed to Blacklist’s Ray Ban spot a while back). Happy to see them working on some nice new work for such a great festival and organization. This year’s festival sounds really promising with some great installations and public projects, definitely worth checking out if you are in NYC on Mat 1-4. We’ll likely have a bit of coverage here as well.