Polynoid Up for an Emmy

Production company Blacklist and their wunderkind animation team Polynoid collaborated with 343 Industries last fall to create five atmospheric and frenetic openers for “Forward Unto Dawn,” the highly successful web series promoting “Halo 4.”
And now they’re up for an Outstanding Main Title Design Emmy

Polynoid’s microfilms illustrate the intense relationship between Cortana, an artificial intelligence entity and indispensable aide to Master Chief, the long-time hero of the Halo series.

With elegantly framed shots, drifting cameras and gloomy lighting, Polynoid emphasized the soul-crushing loneliness aboard the nearly empty spacecraft. To effectively communicate the passing of time, Polynoid switched from the relative calm of zero-gravity to intense time-lapsed action.

For additional concept art and styleframe imagery please visit POLYNOID.



In case you missed it on the Blacklist homepage, Studio AKA director page, Facebook, Twitter, and any other random internet outlet, we just finished up some lovely new work for Blue Diamond with the ever wonderful Studio AKA. The team worked on two TV spots, ‘Breezeville’ and ‘Iced Coffee’ (that’s them above), a bit of print work, and some digital banners to round out the world. There is a lot more information on our microsite, enjoy!

James Turrell at The Guggenheim


James Turrell’s new exhibition at the Guggenheim is on the top of my list of exhibitions to see right now. Admittedly, I don’t love Turrell’s work but after seeing his permanent piece at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and reading this great article on him in the NYT Magazine, I’m intrigued. Though it is incredibly unlikely that any of us will ever be invited to Roden Crater, it sounds like his piece at the Guggenheim may be a glimpse of the grandiosity of which this guy is capable.

Famous OTO Indiegogo!


It feels like just days ago that we posted about Blacklist director Pistachios’ (AKA Måns Swanberg) venture HeyHeyButton but the ever prolific craftsman is hard at work on yet another project, FAMOUS OTO! Famous OTO is a big food truck toy for kids, made out of cardboard and printed with lush, super detailed illustrations. Måns has been finessing the design and production for the past couple of years and now everything is beginning to come full circle. The final hurdle is raising the extra cash boost to cover production costs. To nudge that process along, Måns has started an Indiegogo campaign aiming to raise $15,000 by June 17th. That means he has about a week left to go so lift up the couch cushions and empty your piggy banks, lets make it happen!


Last night at the Webby Awards, a definitive decree.