Animated history

a brief history of skateboarding

Loving this sweet video that uses motion graphics to tell a brief history (just under 5 mins) of skateboarding.
The colorful animations make the history telling extra riveting and evocative. Great visual madness!

Jack White’s new Interactive Music Video!

Jack White’s new interactive music video for song That Black Liquorice is interesting…

It’s a combo of a three in one video. White himself directed one – the live action music video. While two other folks James Blagden and Brad Holland made an animated work and a headbang video respectfully.
The video can be seen on tablets and computers and using commands you can flick between each one.
It’s a bit of a different spin on a music video. Incorporating interactive and animation mediums, which genuinely are a growing trend!

MoMA’s upcoming Doco Fortnight 2015

MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight: International Festival of Nonfiction Film and Media is coming up, February 13-27 2015.

A plethora of films will be screening that encompass twenty-one feature films and seven short films! Additionally there will be performance pieces and an installation. One fantastic element is that a lot of the directors will be around for post-film discussions!
The opening night will feature the new film by Stanley Nelson The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution. (Still from film shown above). Richly researched, director Nelson draws on all spectrums- from FBI informants, journalists, white supporters and so forth to get a solid detailed historical chronicle.

Tomorrow Is Always Too Long also looks like a ripper. Partially because it is directed by Phil Collins and also because it’s a hybrid of many cinematic elements; documentary, musical, animation, and television. Essentially the film is about Glaswegians navigating “the intersection of public institutions, the digital age, and ordinary life.” Sounds compelling.

Full list of all the interesting films being screened can be viewed here.