Heath Clay

Continuing to explore the possibilities of designing with clay, Tung Chiang, director of the Heath Clay Studio in California, presents over 100 hand-formed ceramic animals that are as beautiful and charming as the illustrated stories that accompany them. The work ranges from playful to serious to moving to sophisticated, bringing to life the story behind each animal, whether a hummingbird, cat, or a three-legged-dog. See a preview here!

“American Gods” Animation by Tendril

If you haven’t checked out the latest episode of “American Gods” on Starz yet, you are missing out on something huge.”American Gods”, based on a novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman just aired it’s fifth episode, “Lemon Scented You” Sunday night featuring some stunning animation from our friends at Tendril. If you are behind an episode, please be aware of spoilers below!

Kimberly Roots of TVLine.com says, “the hour begins with an incredibly cool-looking Coming to America vignette about Atsula, whose people crossed the land bridge from Siberia waaaaay back in the day. (Is this stop-motion? CGI? I know very little about animation, but I know this just looks so awesome.) Atsula eventually comes face-to-face with the buffalo we’ve seen in Shadow’s visions; she pays the ultimate price, but her people wind up thriving afterwards.”

Caralynn Lippo of TVFanatic.com says, “I’ve so far loved all of the series’ opening sequences depicting various gods in America, but the animated sequence opening ‘Lemon Scented You’ was particularly unique and visually compelling. It was so different from anything we’ve seen before, and I just loved it. I doubt we’ll see or hear from Nunyunnini, the mammoth god, again, but it was still an excellent sequence.”

If you have been watching, on the other hand and would like a peek behind the scenes, we hope this interview with EP Michael Green by Entertainment Weekly’s Marc Snetiker scratches that itch.

You can check out the full short by Tendril here.

Trizz Studio Wins a Bronze Cube at ADC New York!

Congratulations to our friends at Trizz on their win!

Check out their awesome work for Hyundai here:


Wolfies win “Best New Studio” at the Motionographer 2016 Motion Awards!

Congratulations to the whole pack over at Golden Wolf for winning “Best New Studio” at the Motionographer 2016 Motion Awards!!