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Pistachios as Waldemar Schwartz

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Our beloved director Pistachios, aka Måns Swanberg, has long had musical alter egos. His most recent is the eponymous Waldemar Schwartz, the name being a kind of portmanteau of Swanberg’s middle name Waldemar and a classic New York surname. Until now, most of Waldemar’s music has been primarily digital save for a few dj appearances…. Read more »

Bot & Dolly behind the scenes

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Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 12.00.24 PM

This Bot & Dolly behind the scenes is really great. They are doing some of the most interesting stuff in projection mapping at the moment. And then there is Gravity. They worked on Gravity…

Happy Birthday Cisma!

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The happiest of very happy happy birthdays to our dear dear Cisma (aka Denis Kamioka). Director, designer, animator, ping pong player, the man does it all. We love you Denis and wish you all the best this year!


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Hiiii. This space has been a bit quiet lately but it’s not for lack of trying, we have other things happening over here and we are scheming up a couple events in the next month or so. That said, there hasn’t been loads of time for posting but we’re working on it! Really digging these… Read more »

Rdio PR Round Up

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Happy Thursday y’all! We’re getting so much media attention for our new Rdio spots from Holbrooks and Tendril that we thought it wise to post some links for you here. All of the interest is most definitely a result of the almost total creative freedom that our teams have had in the process. The Rdio… Read more »