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Kate Bush!

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Welcome back Kate Bush! We have you to thank for Joanna Newsom, great dance moves and some really strange karaoke.   

Oh Hai, Welcome Back.

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I must state the obvious, our blog has been long dormant now aside from the occasional PR post courtesy of the wonderful Rachele. After a long run of neo ‘man on the street’ reportage and unsolicited artist features, things got in the way (i.e. we got busy!) and the rush of content dwindled to a… Read more »

Pistachios as Waldemar Schwartz

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Our beloved director Pistachios, aka Måns Swanberg, has long had musical alter egos. His most recent is the eponymous Waldemar Schwartz, the name being a kind of portmanteau of Swanberg’s middle name Waldemar and a classic New York surname. Until now, most of Waldemar’s music has been primarily digital save for a few dj appearances…. Read more »