Errors in Production.

Screw / h: 12 cm, Ø 0,8 cm / Manufacturer unknown / Found at Obi, Munich 2004 / Crooked, incorrectly milled

In a commercial world of near perfect production and a demand for ever increasing turnover rates, there is something incredibly satisfying about seeing a mistake. All of a sudden, the machined objects that make our waking (and sleeping) hours bearable throw us a curveball. Heike Bollig is paying attention to these mishaps with ‘Errors in Production’, a conceptualist’s catalog of bent screws, misprints, melted balloons, and more. Bollig’s attention to authenticity runs straight down to the photographs of his objects, they are gorgeous and rich while simultaneously feeling detached and archival. Some of the more interesting ones are below.

Jelly Bears / h:2cm, w:6cm, t:0,8 / Manifactured by Haribo / Recived from Claudia Wieser, Berlin 2005 / incorectly punched out

3 pink balloons / h: 9 cm w: 8,1 cm / Manufacturer unknown / Received from Yuka Oyama, 2005 / 3 balloons melted together

Farfalle / h:2,5 cm, w:3 cm, l:03 cm / Manufacturer unknown / Send by Verena Schaukahl / incomplete folding

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