A Very Special Etsy.

‘DANNY BROWN WHEATGRASS plant (Dormroon Accessories)’

Artist Brad Troemel, the brains behind the conceptually curated Tumblr The Jogging, has started peddling his sculptures/installations/images on the nation’s foremost online craft barn, Etsy. At an incredibly basic level, Troemel’s work explores the current role of images and objects in society and culture and, moreover, the interplay that occurs as a result of their integration. But its an understatement to suggest that his concepts run much deeper than that so we’ll let the man explain it himself. Check out a recent interview with Paper Magazine HERE and some of our favorite items on sale below.

‘Unisex GIRLS tshirt “starring lena” (HBO Hit show/Pitchfork Approved BAND) Two For One Cross Promotional (Jogging x Tyrone Chang Exclusive)’

‘BUSHWICK tap water in an ODWALLA superfood (What’s in those artist% water This) Also there’s a LIVESTRONG bracelet inside the water bottle’

‘WHOLE foods organic Bun with ENTOURAGE pink vanilla candy cigar..aw man but there’s no mustard Sike yes there is you fun guys’

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