‘ONE by ONE WEDNESDAYS’ is a weekly series wherein one of our Blacklist staffers selects a cultural contributor of their choice and provides an introduction to that person. These are the people who get us excited, inspire our pitches, and interrupt our days with something beautiful.

By: Sophie Gate

‘Bruno’ – Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien is a god damn genius.

His work is simple, bright, and made to appeal to a mass audience by making sure there are no private jokes involved, no hidden messages and no language barriers. He has the ability to make a single paint stroke on colored card to create a character with a distinct personality, and he translates this into a variety of different mediums jumping from 2D, 3D and even 4D.

‘Piano’ – Jean Jullien

Most recently he has just announced the opening of the bar he has been working on for a year, ‘Le Nid’ located in Nantes, France which is on the top floor of the Tour de Bretagne (pretty high up) so probably has a sweet view of the city. Jullien designed a 40m long bird that fills the entire space. The body of the bird is the host to the seating which is made up of semi-hard boiled cracked eggs that look good enough to eat.


Body of the bird: Le Nid, France – Jean Jullien

Head of the bird: Le Nid, France – Jean Jullien

I was introduced to his work a few years ago as he produced all the posters for the London night club ‘Cliché’, a bar that proudly hosted a series of fancy dress nights that I frequented at. Jullien had just graduated from the Central St Martin’s BA Graphic Deign Course and he would make giant cut-outs out of his signature colored card and photograph them to be printed out for the night. They were a local success and are my personal faves.

Poster made for club night ‘Americana’ at Cliché, London – Jean Julien

More recently Jullien has stepped into the moving image world with his brother Nicolas Jullien to create ‘Jullien Brothers‘ (represented by Partizan). It’s always nice to see stuff move , right? Below is the first video they collaborated on that was made as a music video for Niwouinwouin (who also goes by the name of Nicolas Jullien). To see more of this brilliant man’s work, visit his website here .

Niwouinwouin – Catastrophe from Jullien Brothers on Vimeo.


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